July 16-27, 2019

Oranjestad, Aruba

(Students MUST arrive to the island on July 15th and depart on July 28th)

ASF 2019 Registrations open!!!

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Last summer, more than 100 musicians arrived in Aruba and, during 10 intensive days of music, guest artists and students from more than 15 countries, gave the happy island an unforgettable experience with full house attendance concerts, workshops, and classes led by celebrated musicians from all over the world. This year, from July 16-27, Aruba becomes again one happyER island, and one MUSICAL island.

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ASF Summer 2019 Faculty!

Piano, Orchestral Conducting, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba.

  • Benjamin Zander, Conductor
  • Ana Maria Otamendi, piano
  • Edith Peña, piano
  • Gerardo Vila, Piano
  • LUIS QUINTERO, guitar
  • Dmitri Berlinsky, violin
  • Kazuhiro Takagi, violin
  • Olivier Piguet, Violin
  • Leonardo Federico Hoyos, Violin
  • Netanel Draiblate, violin
  • Simon Gollo, violin
  • Randolph Kelly, viola
  • Adam Liu, Cello
  • Marcio Carneiro, cello
  • Horacio Contreras, cello
  • German Marcano, cello
  • George Amorim, double bass
  • Nicole Esposito, flute
  • Ralph van Daal, Oboe
  • Benjamin Coelho, bassoon
  • Francisco “Pacho” Flores, Trumpet
  • Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, trumpet

  • Bela Bartok: Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano III Sebes.

    Benjamin Sung, Violin
    Jihye Chang, Piano
    Jorge Montilla, Clarinet

    Nuevo Mundo Festival & Academy Aruba 2015. Video: Ronald Villabona

    Message from our Artistic Director…


    “Music is the magical meeting of humankind’s need for intellectual growth and essential spiritual evolution. It is the most honest attempt toward combining these two aspects of the human condition. ARUBA SF&C takes on the role of being a transformative encounter in our students’ lives, as well as a celebration to our audience. With these words, I welcome you to the Aruba SYmphony Festival and Academy.”

    Simon Gollo. ASF Founder and Artistic Director