The Aruba Symphony Festival and Academy is an international event where every year, first-class musicians from around the globe make Aruba their destination. During these 12 intensive days of music-making, guest artists and students from more than 15 countries give the happy island an unforgettable experience with full-house concerts, workshops, conferences and classes led by celebrated international artists.

The Aruba Symphony Festival and Academy offers the opportunity for participants to perform in the Festival Orchestra, chamber ensembles (strings and winds), master classes and a solo competition upon the tutoring of acclaimed international musicians. Our concert programs are a combination of musical styles and venues creating a unique experience for our audiences and a large range of possibilities for our participants to increase their knowledge and musical repertoire.

The Aruba Symphony Festival and Academy is also pleased to present the Conducting and Interpretation Workshop with maestro Benjamin Zander. His masterclasses are widely seen and well praised all around the world.


Originally conceived as a chamber music event,  one of the Aruba Symphony Festivals main goals is to incentive the collaboration of young musicians both with their fellow students and with our world renowned faculty  giving our participants a big number of performing opportunities both by themselves and in collaboration with our guest artists who are always willing to share their experience in order to boost the careers of our young artists. On top of this collaborations, and upon audition, the students will have the opportunity to participate in our orchestra and program where students have the opportunity to share the stages with our guest soloist, conductors and eventually the collaboration of our  guest artists working among them in different sections of the orchestra.

Nuevo Mundo Foundation

After four unforgettable editions in Aruba and fifteen not-less-outstanding festivals in Venezuela, we are proud to announce the Nuevo Mundo Festival & Academy has formally developed into the “Nuevo Mundo Foundation”.

Under the premise of “We are all equal before the Music”, and recognizing the power of music itself as a tool to make a difference in a society’s progress, the Nuevo Mundo Foundation has been created in Aruba as a mechanism of cultural and social transformation. Art and Music will be the instruments to turn the island into an international music center, motivating the tourist to visit it, not only for its beautiful scenery and wonderful facilities but its high level of cultural life.

Accordingly, and as tribute to the welcoming Arubans and their enchanting island, the Nuevo Mundo Foundation (NMF) is privileged to present the Aruba Symphony Festival.

The Aruba Symphony Festival (ASF), aims to contribute to Aruba’s cultural growth by organizing concerts, classes, conferences, and other artistic-related events and activities. Once a year, the ASF will bring to the island first-class musicians from all over the world who will join on stage to present the Aruba Symphony Orchestra and the Nuevo Mundo Chamber Orchestra. Furthermore, this ambitious musical and social project, will include in its busy agenda, the possibility of working with young Aruban musicians to introduce them to music as a way of living.

Wanna know more about the ASF and the NMFA? Check our history and list of guest artists HERE

Leadership & Staff

Simon Gollo, Artistic Director

Susana Parra, Advisor

Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, Executive Manager

Santiago Salazar, Executive assistant and artistic coordinator

Joel Arias, Wind Ensemble Coordinator

Veronica Parra, Graphic Design and Illustration

Rodney Lopez, Photography

Maria Angelica Rodriguez Bejarano, Video recording

Board Members

President: Simon Gollo

Treasurer: Susana Parra

Secretary: Johnny Croes

Member: Clyde Harms (Honorary President)

Special thanks to… Victoria Isabel Gollo