Conducting and Interpretation Workshop

with Maestro Benjamin Zander at the Aruba Symphony Festival & Academy

“Music is the most powerful and precise language for the human emotions that have ever been devised… Our job is to be the masters of that language.” Ben Zander.

The Aruba Symphony Festival is pleased to present the Conducting and Interpretation Workshop with maestro Benjamin Zander. His masterclasses are widely seen and well praised all around the world.

During 10 days in the breathtaking island of Aruba, only 8 conductors will have the opportunity to work closely with maestro Zander, receiving individual instructions and gaining podium experience with a chamber ensemble (string quartet plus two pianos). Additionally, participants will attend other special activities with maestro Zander as well as all the festival’s evening concerts.

Each participant will have approximately 180 minutes of podium time (30 min per session), and it is mandatory to attend each session entirely.

Conductors from all ages and nationalities are welcome to apply. We are accepting applications from this moment until the eight positions are filled.

Detailed information about dates and repertoire will become available on this website in the next few weeks.

Each participant will choose from the list above the pieces (or movements) of their choice after being accepted.

To apply and find more information about fees, housing, and deadlines please CLICK HERE

Should you have any question regarding this workshop, you can email our Conducting Workshop Coordinator, Simón Zerpa, at

(Please do not send application materials to this email address).