Since its formation in 2010, the Q-Arte Quartet has been characterized in the exploration, diffusion and interpretation of Latin American and contemporary music introducing new sonorities and scenic profiles. The quartet combines the academic rigor of a string quartet, with the vibrant roots that characterize Latin America. His repertoire includes more than ninety works by Latin American composers, which have been interpreted in different scenarios, making the Quartet an ambassador of this music around the world

Q-Arte is made up of professors linked to the National University of Colombia, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and the Universidad de los Andes. The teaching work of its members has prompted the Quartet to collaborate in various training workshops aimed at new generations of musicians. Additionally, it is the manager of the international festival of string quartets FestiQ-Artetos, a biannual event that has been held since 2014.

The quartet Q-Arte studied under the guidance of Richard Young, member of the Vermeer Quartet (USA), and has maintained an academic and artistic dialogue with important groups such as the Latin American Quartets, Kronos, Borodin, Avalon, Miami, Casals and Quiroga. Among his record productions are: “Gustavo Leone: String Quartets”; “4 + 1” Contemporary Music for clarinet and string quartet of Latin American composers; and “Tango Sacro”.

Recently nominated for the Classical Innovation Award: NEXT 2017